Landhaus OÜ is an Estonian private company, established in 1992 and is located in Southern Estonia approximately 250 km from Tallinn. Landhaus OÜ uses round and square logs to build:

  • living houses
  • summerhomes
  • garden houses
  • saunas
  • playhouses
  • kennels

In addition we produce garden furniture and wooden roof shindles.

Landhaus OÜ builds houses based on various designs. You may find multiple example designs about houses that suit your needs on our homepage. Round and laminboard square logs are made from pine, can also be spruce if requested. The material is chamberdried.

Living houses are built from:
-round logs of 200 or 230 mm in diameter
-square logs 87, 135, 180, 202, 240, 260 mm thick and 202 wide

Summerhomes are made of round logs of 180 mm and saunas of 160 mm in diameter. Gardenhouses are made from round logs of different diameter: 90-180 mm. Logs are treated with eco-friendly wood preservative SINESTO B (Finnish product). German product REMMERS is used to tone and paint outer and inner walls. The windows and doors of our houses are finalized according to the REMMERS colour catalogue. We use modern technology to manufacture our products. Machinery of WEINIG, KARA, RAUNDBEC and SCHNEIDER are used. Our products have a high quality and are well known in Germany, France, UK, Spain, Greece, Hungary ,Turky and Scandinavian Countries.