Throughout history, wood has been the main construction material for us, the one-time forest people, except for in the interim Soviet years when the continuity of log building was broken. Along with regaining independence, the log house once again regained its respectful status. And that happened because people were able to travel freely in the world and they rediscovered wood and logs while staying somewhere in Finland, Norway or Germany. The log house, a natural and healthy living environment, should not require any advertising amongst domestic clients. Unfortunately, however, we are often unable to appreciate what is really good and fall victim to advertising. The talk about the relatively cheap price of the log house, “breathing,” absence of static electricity, heat accumulation potential and stabile and optimum humidity without expensive ventilation systems and conditioners is not very much liked by the manufacturers of these devices. Neither does the log house require expensive interior and exterior decoration materials because the natural wood per se is the most beautiful material.

Where to start from?

In addition to all official formalities, detailed plans, design conditions and a myriad of other obstacles set in the way of the builder, the main obstacle is still reaching a family agreement. Only after that should the manufacturer or builder be contacted.
Together we would try to find the design that is the most agreeable or closest to the customer’s vision of his or her future house from among existing designs. Should the customer have very specific requirements, our architect will help him/her write it down as a design.

Log house properties

A log house is not only modern but also environmentally-friendly, healthy, warm and cosy. A lot of chronic illnesses, allergy and stress recede without treatment there. The air is always fresh and dry in a log house. Humidity stays relatively stable regardless of outdoor conditions.
The logs characteristically accumulate heat. Therefore, log houses are warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.

How is it completed?

OÜ Landhaus manufactures log houses both from seasoned and non-seasoned logs. In accordance with the customer’s design or our own, we prepare log and other wood details in the plant so their assembly at the construction site requires minimal time and effort.

Afterwards, our construction workers will set up the house on the previously set-up foundation. Of course, we can also supply merely the timber package and all construction work can be left for the customer, but as our experience shows, the best results are achieved when the house is built by experts.


The price of the house depends first and foremost on the size of the house and the selection of materials. Do we make the house out of seasoned or fresh logs? Do we use the shingles manufactured by our company as the roof cover material, is the garret also made of logs or as a skeleton construction, what finishing materials are used, etc.?

Naturally the price of the log part of the building is cheaper when the log body has been made of fresh logs, and of course the roof covered with our shingles is cheaper. Building the garret as a skeleton construction is somewhat cheaper than using logs.